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All Ages, Shapes, and Sizes: Why All Pets Can Benefit From a Natural Approach to Health


Reason 1: The natural approach requires deeper understanding of our pet’s individual needs.

Dogs, cats and other companion animals are very different from us. They are unique individuals, with unique bodies and changing needs. The natural approach necessitates that we learn the true natural requirements of a companion animal. We are obligated to look beyond our inclinations as consumers and to identify and address the needs of our animals.

Reason 2: The natural methodology focuses on beginning and preserving wellness.

Western medicine approaches healthcare by focusing on reducing symptoms of disease as they occur. The natural approach is the principle of starting out right and supporting the body's natural mechanisms of health, maintenance, and healing. An ounce of prevention is  worth a pound of cure!


Reason 3: As your pet ages, his body and his overall needs change too.

You know your pet better than anyone else. Little changes can mean the balance is off. Herbal Amy supplements can provide your pet a diversity of nutritional values and special measures of systemic support that the body can utilize as needed, or freely eliminate if not.

Reason 4: Herbs support the body

Good high quality foods nourish and fuel the body while herbs support and enhance the body's innate system of balancing health.