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Recovering From Surgery

March 8, 2019

When bones move out of their original position, it can cause severe pain and inflammation. It can also causes damage to the area around the movement. A bunion is a bone in the foot that is moving away from the rest of the bones. The bone also twists as it moves. This can be caused by an injury or it could be related to genetic factors. 


The modern and more effective method for correcting this is to correct the movement at the source.  In order to fix the bunion, you start at the joint which is causing the movement in the first place.


Subject A (left foot)                          Subject B (right foot) 


Both Subject A and Subject B used the same surgeon and surgery center. Both subjects were given a shot behind the knee around the main nerve going down the back side of the leg. This injection causing the entire lower leg to go completely numb.

  • Subject A experienced numbness for 18 hours

  • Subject B had full feeling back in less than 8 hours after surgery.


Subject A

 Subject B

Subject A did not use herbal supplements.

Subject B used oral CBD with Beta-Caryophyllene and a 200mg CBD cream infused with Arnica.


In the first few days after surgery, both Subjects experienced bruising around the ankle.

Everything between the subjects seemed to be similar, up until the first Post-Op (1 week after surgery). Here we can see the differences really showing up at the 1 week Post-Op appointment


Subject A  has extensive swelling, and bruising.

Subject B has minimal swelling, and the bruising is almost gone

When the surgeon removes the bandage at the first Post-Op, there is always dried b