Herbal Amy 100mg Pure CBD Roll-On.

Arnica Infused Grapeseed & Sunflower Oil with 100mg of CBD. 100% THC FREE.

Our products are 99.8% CBD. Grown from organic fields in Oregon. 


Even though Herbal Amy CBD products are highly potent, they are still non-psychoactive with zero THC. Our products will never give you a “high”



We use third party testing to ensure all of our hemp products have a ZERO THC


Product Info

o    10ml bottle size

o    100mg of pure CBD

o    Arnica for additional Pain relief

o    Tested by 3rd party independent labs

o    Non-THC (zero)

o    MCT oil, Grapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil

o    EO for scent

Topical Roll-On

  • AC/DC: Earthy, woody, and pine flavored.

    People report feeling relaxed, happy, uplifted, focused, and euphoric.

    FRAGRANCE: Earth, wood, pine, lemongrass, cherry

    EFFECT: Euphoric, focused, sociable


    Durban Poison: a pure sativa known for its energy-giving, uplifting, creative effects. It has a sweet smell and a sweet, earthy, pine flavor.

    FRAGRANCE: Sweet, sour, earth, pine, citrus

    EFFECT: Productive, creative, energy, focusing strain – stay productive through a busy day

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Herbal Amy

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