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Herbal Amy

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60 day Protocol
1) 6oz Chinese Skullcap, Licorice, Isatis, Lomatium = 1/4 tsp 3x daily (CBD added no charge)
2) 6oz Rhodiola, Reishi, Kudzu, Usnea = 1/4 tsp 3x daily
3) 6oz Cordyceps = 1/4 tsp 3x daily
4) 2oz Motherwort & Passionflower = 1 dropper full 3x daily (these herbs protect the body from the severe chronic fatigue from EBV scavenging and damaging the mitochondria)(added at no additional charge)
5) 3 bottles of Andrographis capsules = 3 capsules 3x daily for 30 days
6) 1 Bottle of Golden Milk (Turmeric) for patient to make. This will provide curcumin which has been found to inhibit the proliferation of HONE1 and HK1-EBV cells and possibly decreases the expression of EBNA1, slowing the ability for EBV to replicate. If more is needed within the 60 days, we will ship another bottle unless similar product can be found locally.
7) Herbal Amy will provide 2oz of Neem Leaf with Cayenne for the tea (no additional charge).

Stephanie Protocol

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