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1oz. Tincture Herbal 150mg CBD

Pet Care 150mg CBD TincturePet Care 150mg Pure CBD for fast and more potent symptom relief. If you’re a new to using CBD for pets, start with the lowest dose and work up if necessary.Typical suggested starting dose:

Cats: Instructions are on bottle and talored to the herbal products selected
Dogs: Instructions are on bottle and talored to the herbal products selected

Dosing is by mg. The herbs and CBD work to amplify the effectiveness of each other.

Start with a dose on the low end of the range. Remember, herbal remedies are a marithon rather than a sprint. Changes can occur within 30 minutes or take a few days. If there is no change after an the first week, increase the dosage.

Remember that you cannot overdose and there is no toxicity associated with CBD but you still want to use the lowest dose necessary. The synergistic effect of the herbs in combination with the CBD increases the potency of the medicinal qualites of each herb. This mean "less is more."

Product Info1 fluid ounce bottle size150 mg’s of Pure CBD

Tested by independent labs

Other Herbs as chosen from listVegetable GlycerinFractionated MCT Oil

150mg CBD Pet - Herbal

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