Mushroom Blend is the perfect 10-mushroom blend is the most convenient way to consume all of your mushrooms at once. Don’t have time to drink Lion’s Mane in the morning, Chaga midday, and Reishi in the evening? We get it! Thanks to the compounding effects of functional mushrooms, consuming 1-2 capsules of our mushroom cocktail can help support your immune system and support overall well-being, all day, every day.

Our 10 Mushroom Blend includes the most powerful body and mind mushrooms like chaga, lion's mane, reishi, and cordyceps, along with our other favorite fungi legends Agarikon, maitake, shiitake, turkey tail, Agaricus blazei, and meshima.

100ct capsules provides the perfect amount of mushrooms daily.

10 Mushroom Blend

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