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Updated: Mar 12

Let me tell you a story.

In May of 2005, Wes and I married. Wes was a diabetic, controlling his numbers with diet and exercise. Ok..... he was not controlling it. When he left to Afghanistan with the Army in the Fall of 2005 he called home to tell me his A1C was over 13......... Yup, your read that correct, over 13. So, breaking it down, normal A1c is 4.8-5.6. His numbers were off the charts. He was put on medication and his numbers went down to the 7's and 8's. This is where he maintained for many years.

For the next 14 years, I fought tooth and nail to try and get Wes's numbers to normal range. Nothing seemed to work. In 2017, Wes was put on insulin. He was giving himself a shot in the belly every morning. This was a slow acting insulin that would last all day.

Wes had his normal quarterly appointment at the end of April 2019. His A1C was 8.1

The doctor threatened an every meal insulin.

Back in January 2019....... I found information on an herb that seemed promising; Rehmannia glutinosa. I sough out the root and tinctured it. After 6 weeks, it was ready.

I mixed the Rehmannia root tincture with a couple other tinctured herbs. along with 400mg of CBD per oz and handed to bottle to Wes after his appointment and told him to take it every morning.

Over the next quarter, Wes started walking more. He tried to do a walk 3-4 times a week. He lost 10 lbs in 3 months. Not anything unusual for the summer months. We tend to be more active when its warm out and we can enjoy the weather.

End of July appointment arrived and Wes did his blood draw 4 days before his doctor visit. Wes's nurse was smiling big and I knew it was good news. She asked Wes if he wanted to know his number. Wes shakes his head and asks "are you kidding, of course I want to know."

A1C was 6.4

That's not all........ Here are Wes's lipid numbers from prior and current

EVERYTHING normalized!!!!! Well, except the HDL..... still working on that.

Yes, this is amazing and yes this actually happened.