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Partnerships are very important in business.

Herbal Amy had the honor of meeting with her new Hemp farmer. This farmer grows Cannabis sativa (Industrial Hemp) in Oregon on a 500 acre farm. This farmer ensures his hemp is grown using absolutely "NO" chemicals. We are very excited about these plants and this partnership.

Our hemp was harvested last October and taken to the extraction facility where it was placed into an indoor - temperature controlled environment. It was hung to dry with ample air circulation. Ideally, moisture content (MC) of cured (dried) cannabis should be between 6-9%. Once the plants reached that MC threshold, the mature stalk of the plants were stripped of leaves and flowers. Our plant parts were processed according to our end product goals.

Herbal Amy was honored to tour the facility where she got to witness first hand how her CBD was extracted using the CO2 extraction process.

The machine that does all the work looks very complicated and takes time to process the material in order to ensure the CBD isolates are extracted with ZERO THC.

This particular facility completes the CBD extraction in a very slow and meticulous fashion with so much attention to detail. Our end product was sent to a third party for testing of purity and to ensure zero THC. The testing results came back with 0.000% THC and we could not be happier.

This new partnership was an excellent decision for Herbal Amy Inc. and is sure to bring even higher quality products to clients across the country.

With the potential for changes in Idaho law, we are also prepared to enhance our product line to include Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum CBD products as soon as the new law hits Idaho books. Our Farmer will continue to grow the best Cannabis sativa (hemp) plants for us and our extraction facility will continue extraction using their knowledge, know-how, and expertise to provide us with the highest quality and purest products available. We are very please to be doing business with these wonderfully knowledgeable growers and extractors.

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