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Herbal Amy

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Every Raw Batch is 3rd party tested to ensure the Purest Product and to ensure Zero THC.

Label indicates how much ACTIVE CBD is in each product.


The Entourage Effect is a scientific way of describing the interactions between cannabionoids, herbs and terpenoids.  When combined together the cannabinoids and herbs or cannabinoids and terpenoids generate interactive synergy.  The study of terpenoids in relation to cannabinoids is uncovering new findings as it pertains to the effectiveness of “whole plant medicine,” a term used to explain how cannabinoids and terpenes work together to provide symptomatic relief across a wide range of medical conditions and symptoms.

Although the benefits of CBD are impressive in isolation, the Entourage Effect displays how, when combined with terpenes or other herbal combinations synergize with the cannabinoids. There is a definitive increase in beneficial properties, which means that the medicinal value of CBD drastically rises when the Entourage Effect comes into play.

When Herbal Combinations and Terpenes work together in harmony with cannabinoids, medicinal properties seem to augment their effectiveness, making Herbal Amy Cannabionoid-Herbal and Canabinoid-Terpenoid  combination tinctures become true healers.

Scientists have found that there is a kind of synergy between all the active compounds so that the whole is greater than the sum of all the parts. Every component of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) works together to create the phytocannabinoid we know as CBD.  There are other medicinal herbs that can be taken with CBD for added health benefits. Again, working together to create a superlative result – synergy. 


Herbal Amy introduces: Anxiety Relief, Inflammation Relief, Pain Relief and Sleep Well tinctures, and many more. These combine CBD with other medicinal plants to give you SYNERGY!