Founded in Science

Permanent Solution Inc.

Founded in Nampa Idaho.

Our founder is a member of the time honored community of herbalist who use plants as medicine. With her knowledge we have created formulas that promote skin health and healing.

Permanent Solution Inc is the maker of Ink Locked "Tattoo Prep" and Ink Locked "Tattoo AfterCare" products for the artist and end user. Permanent Solution Inc is also the maker of Dermal Cool, the number one product in wound care.

Permanent Solution Inc mission is to prove the highest quality herbal products for skin healing. We care committed to educating people on how to practice safe, effective herbalism.


Permanent Solution Inc was birthed from the need for quality skin healing products. With nothing else like it on the market, we have the advantage of being the only ones.

Ink Locked was formulated for the tattoo enthusiast in all of us. Who doesn't like to personalize ourselves and outwardly express who we are.

Dermal Cool was formulated for those with traumatic injuries such as surgery, burns, and even old scars.

Permanent Solution has the competitive advantage of nothing else like it on the market

Our objectives and goals for growth mirror the needs of our community and peoples.